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Deadline to complete Judge 1 training course reinstated

Poolside practical sessions of the Swimming Officials Judge 1 training are being resumed after being put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The move has been described as an ‘important step forward’ for volunteers who are working towards the qualification.

Since the beginning of 2020, the training has included an online theory session followed by practical poolside elements – which trainees had 11 months to complete.

However, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent pool closures due to the national lockdowns obviously prevented trainees from completing the poolside element.

At the time, the British Swimming – Swimming Officials Group agreed to extend the deadlines for those who started their training before the pandemic.

It also recognised that those who started their journey during the pandemic may need an extension.

Now all restrictions have been relaxed, the practical sessions can begin again.

‘Important step forward’

Helen Akers, Swim England Officials Development Coordinator for Swimming, said of the reinstatement: “This is a really important step forward for the swimming officiating community and everyone involved in it to see the poolside practical work starting again.

“We have witnessed a brilliant return to competition recently and now those who wish to volunteer can continue their learning and gain their Judge 1 qualification.”

Any candidate who completes the theory element after 1 September 2021 will have 11 months from the date of their theory certificate to finish the practical training. The theory element can be accessed here.

For those candidates who completed their theory either before the pandemic or during the pandemic, up to and including the 31 August 2021, each individual will have until 31 July 2022 to complete their training.

Any practical training completed between the date of their certificate and 31 August 2021 can be included, provided it was subject to the required level of mentoring and detailed correctly in their logbook

The remaining group of volunteers are those who are part way through the ‘old’ Judge 1 training.

Each individual on this path will have until 31 March 2022 to complete their training.

Once they have been assessed as competent in all required elements, there is no longer any need for them to undergo a final practical assessment.

Helen added: “It is essential to Swim England that these groups are not disadvantaged by the impact of the pandemic.

“Volunteers are crucial in running successful events and competitions so we would encourage anyone who wants to help strengthen the swimming community to undertake this course.”

More details about the course as well as how to book can be found here.