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How to make a disclosure and barring services check at your club

On becoming a Swim England club you should receive an email from the GBGroup with a link to activate a PIN. This allows you to make disclosure and barring services (DBS) checks at your club.

If you have not received your link please email the Swim England membership department here.

Disclosure and Barring Services FAQs

If you have questions about DBS checks in general, rather than using the system to make a check, visit our DBS FAQs section here.

Once you have activated the link and created a password, your login details will be as follows:

  1. PIN – as detailed on account activation email
  2. Email address
  3. Password

GBGroup offers phone and email support throughout the process to verifiers and applicants. Contact them on 0845 251 5000 and onlinedisclosures@gbgplc.com

Adding applicants to the system

The process of adding applicants to the disclosure and barring services checks system is in three stages: application, verification, and next steps.

If you have any problems please email the Swim England DBS team at dbs@swimming.org.

  1. The Application – the Club Welfare Officer, known as the verifier, adds applicants to the online system. The applicant completes form and submits it for verification. The applicant then arranges a verification meeting. Ensure they bring appropriate original Identity Documents (ID).
  2. The Verification – the Club Officer, or verifier, logs in to the online service and searches for the applicants name. Double click on the applicant’s name to open their application ready for verification. The verifier checks the original Identity Documents (ID) details match the applicant’s personal details. The person then checks the original ID for authenticity and completes the ID validation fields online.
  3. Next Steps – the application is now submitted to GBGroup. If further information is required, it will be requested by email. To monitor all your online applications, log onto the GBGroup website, select the ‘All’ tab and view the status of each applicant. The applicant will receive a copy of their Certificate.