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Swimming industry urges families to put down the screens and pick-up their goggles

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Swim England and nine industry partners have today launched the Love Swimming campaign to inspire the country to get off their screens and into the pool.

In the digital age, families spend a great deal of time in front of their screens. We have never been more connected to the world via the internet, but disconnected within the family unit.

In a 2017 OnePoll survey*, almost nine in 10 people agreed gadgets get in the way of spending quality family time together. On an average weekday, the survey found families only spent 36 minutes together.

With the release of an impactful film featuring a real family and illustrating ’Because their console doesn’t work underwater’, the swimming industry is encouraging people across the country to turn off, get moving and back into family fun by swimming at their local pool – one of the very few family activities where you can’t take your console.

Jane Nickerson, CEO of Swim England and Swim Group Chair, said: “Families are spending less time together in this day and age. When they are together, they are often watching TV or gadgets individually rather than being active.

“Through our new Love Swimming campaign, we are encouraging every family to put down their screens and dedicate a window every week to going down to their local swimming pool to spend quality time together, having fun and being active.

“We’re calling on mums, dads, children and grandparents to find their nearest pool and rediscover the enjoyment of interacting and reconnecting as a family.”

The real impact of putting down your screen

Geoff Roberts is the father of Ethyn (aged eight) and Isla (aged five) who appear in the Love Swimming film. He said: “As a dad, this has really opened my eyes to how much we use our screens when we are together as a family.

“Getting the chance to spend a few hours every week together at the pool has meant family time is far more about quality time. Even afterwards, we’ll sit and have a snack together. None of us will get back on our phones or games consoles. It’s been very rewarding to see the effects connecting us more as a family unit, not just at our local pool but back at home as well.”

You can visit the Swim England Poolfinder tool and find out more information about your nearest pool and how you can easily swap screen time for swim time.

*2017 OnePoll survey commissioned by Discover Ferries