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Help test Swim England’s new online water safety game

Pupils and parents are being encouraged to help trial a new online game which will educate young people about water safety.

The game has been created by Swim England as part of the Inspire 2022 project, which is funded by Sport England off the back of the Commonwealth Games.

Supporting children and young people to swim and be safe in the water is the key goal for this project.

Swim England is working with primary schools to maximise opportunities for pupil engagement in the swimming and water safety curriculum and this new online game will contribute towards this outcome.

The game takes young people through different scenarios and shows them how to be safe in, on and around water and the dangers to avoid.

They will receive digital stickers for each section they complete and can then download their rewards into a colourful poster.

The primary purpose was to create a resource that school teachers could use to teach water safety to pupils in years four to six (age 8-11).

As an online resource, it can be used on a smart board, at the front of a whole class, using school tablets in small group or one-to-one work.

However, it can be used in any other relevant setting, such as in swimming lessons.

Parents and carers can also work through this game with their children at home to test their child’s water safety knowledge.

As this is the first version of the game, young people, teachers and parents are being asked to provide feedback so it can be developed for future users.

Swim England has created a short survey so they can share their experiences of what they like about the game or any changes they’d like to see incorporated.

To play the game, please click here. To provide feedback, please click here.