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Swim England Expected Standards

The Swim England Expected Standards are referenced throughout the Learn to Swim Programme. They accompany our Awards to support teachers and coaches to maintain the highest standards when teaching children.

Swim England Expected Standards Videos

We now offer a complete set of Swim England Expected Standards videos, to stream or purchase via Vimeo on Demand.

Each digital video shows you an individual outcome in the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework, Stages 1 to 7, and each outcome for the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework, Stages 8 to 10 Swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the videos

What’s included?

A complete series of short videos, each featuring the individual outcomes in the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework, Stages 1 to 7, and each outcome for the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework, Stages 8 to 10 Swimming. These videos do not include Expected Standards for Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming or Diving. These are two of the four frameworks which make up the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

What will I see in the videos?

The learners and participants you’ll see are currently learning to swim. They’re all working towards or have recently passed the Stage they are in – so they may not be swimming to the Swim England Expected Standard (yet). We’ve showcased a wide-range of abilities and techniques, so the activities you’ll see can be used to guide your teaching. We listened to feedback about previous versions of the videos – and so it is very important to us to show you learner swimmers in their true Stage ability, not a more experienced swimmer who was swimming to a standard that wouldn’t be achievable. The videos show clearly – with a blue pop up tick – when the learner is swimming to the Swim England Expected Standard.

So you haven’t lowered standards?

No, standards are the same as they have always been. Previous versions of the Expected Standards videos were filmed using Club or older swimmers. These videos use appropriate Stage swimmers so you can clearly see what the Expected Standard should realistically look like within the Stage.

How do I use these videos?

These videos are intended to be used to refresh your knowledge of the Expected Standards you learnt as a swimming teacher. Use them to ensure standardisation across teachers and centres. You may also choose to use them to show parents/carers/learners the Expected Standard for a particular outcome.

How will I know when I’m seeing the learner(s) swimming to the Swim England Expected Standard?

Each short video is accompanied by audio commentary and written text which explains what is being seen on screen in more detail. The videos show clearly – with a blue pop up tick – when the learner is swimming to the Swim England Expected Standard.

In some outcomes, the blue tick may appear more than once. This is because there are different ways a learner can achieve the Expected Standard.

It’s important to be aware these videos are not example best practice ‘lessons’. The videos focus on showing you the Expected Standard for each outcome.

What about when there is no blue tick being shown on the video?

Footage without a blue tick means the learner is still working towards meeting the Expected Standard.

You may notice in some of the higher stages that the learners without a blue tick are now swimming above the Expected Standard and developing into a club setting.

How do these videos address inclusivity in my teaching?

All learners are different and have a range of needs. Swimming teachers should use their expertise to adapt the Expected Standards and outcomes shown in these videos, to be appropriate to the needs of individual learners.

Downloading and streaming the videos

How do I access the videos through Vimeo?

Simply click the link here and it will take you directly to the video page: vimeo.com/ondemand/expectedstandards. From www.vimeo.com you can search for Swim England Expected Standards – and the on demand series will pop up. You can then select that series option – and select your preferred purchasing option. You can also access the direct video link from swimming.org/swimengland/swim-england-expected-standards/

Why are the videos being made available through Vimeo and not a DVD?

It’s important to us to make sure this product is dynamic and fit for the future – and as accessible to as many people as possible. By making this available online, we’re able to add to it and easily update it – so the material you see is the very best and latest available. We’re also keen to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste – and this allows us to achieve both of those goals.


Can you explain the pricing structure?

In order to make the video product as accessible to as many of our customers as possible – teachers, tutors, swim schools and pool operators – we have provided two pricing options.

Should you choose to rent the product – the videos will cost you no more than £1 per month for an entire year.

If you choose to pay the £250 flat fee to stream and/or download the videos – you’ll be paying approx. 20p per video, per month for one year. If you select this option and download the videos – we recommend regularly checking in with your online content to make sure you have the most up-to-date set of videos. You’ll also need to renew your subscription in 12 months’ time.

We believe this pricing structure is a fair representation of the quality of the product and is aligned with the goals of the Swim England 2021 strategy. Any income generated by this product will go directly into further product development, enabling a sustainable approach to providing the best possible solutions for our customers. As a national governing body and charity, we operate a non-profit approach to all our commercial products.

What is the difference between the rent or buy option?

Rent: When you rent a VOD (video/Vimeo on demand), you will be able to stream all the videos included in the package, or any which are added during the specified rental period (one year), including bonus content. On purchasing this option, you’ll receive an email from Vimeo with confirmation of your purchase, which includes a link to access them.

Buy: When you buy a VOD (video/Vimeo on demand), you will be able to stream its videos for as long as they remain on Vimeo. You will also be able to download the videos to your computer and devices, Digital Rights Management free. If you select the option “Buy All,” you get access to any videos added to the VOD (video/Vimeo on demand) page for one year, including any bonus features. On purchasing this option, you’ll receive an email from Vimeo with confirmation of your purchase, which includes a link to access them.

Additional Questions

If I have subscribed, how often can I view these videos?

Enjoy these videos! You can come back to them as often as you want to for the duration of your subscription. Any additional videos or upgrades to the videos will automatically be given to you via your Vimeo account, for the duration of the one year subscription.

What about copyright? Can I show or share the videos with anyone else?

These videos remain the property of Swim England. Swim England owns the copyright to these videos and therefore they may not be duplicated, edited or published in any other media outlet.

When you download the videos, you can put them on your own server to share with teachers employed within your organisation, but you may not add them to any of your social media channels (for example YouTube), or your own website.

We suggest that you use them to explain outcomes to your customers – and to remind yourself of the techniques you’re expecting to see your learners achieving.

If you have paid for an annual rental subscription, sending the link to another person won’t allow them to view the videos – they will need to subscribe themselves, or you can upgrade to download the complete set.

Are any more Expected Standards videos planned for other Swim England Learn to Swim Awards?

There are further videos for our Swim England Pre-School Framework and Swim England Adult Swimming Framework in development. We’ll also be adding a set of videos to accompany the Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter.

Have you removed the Expected Standards videos for the four strokes?

No, these are incorporated into the relevant outcomes for the strokes in Stages 4 to 7. As with any skill that a swimmer learns, the strokes will start off at a basic level, which will gradually improve as they work through the stages, perfecting different parts of the stroke. For example, we would expect a swimmer, swimming 10 metres to Swim England Expected Stroke Standards in Stage 4, to have a good body position and leg kick, whilst the arms, breathing and timing, will still be at a basic level. We would expect a swimmer completing 25 metres Front Crawl in Stage 7 to have a good stroke in all areas of body position, legs, arms, breathing and timing.

The outcome videos for the four strokes at Stage 5 and Stage 7 have been designed to be slightly longer than all of the others and follow the BLABT (body position, legs, arms, breathing and timing) approach and break this down in more detail. In the description box for these videos you’ll find the time-stamp where each of the elements is described.

How do I renew my Vimeo subscription?

After being subscribed for 12 months, you’ll get an email from Vimeo reminding you that your subscription is about to expire.

You will need to follow the link in the email, or log into your Vimeo, with your email address to renew your subscription to keep on viewing the videos. You will need to pay as directed on the Vimeo page.

Vimeo welcomes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and PayPal for all purchases and iTunes and Google Play for Vimeo Plus purchases via the Vimeo mobile app. International payment methods we accept are Carte Bleue, CartaSi, Dankort, and China UnionPay. Unfortunately Vimeo cannot accept cheques or offer invoicing. See above question relating to Purchase Orders.

You can find more useful purchasing guidance in the Vimeo help centre here.

Swim England Strokes Expected Standards

The Standards contain teaching points on body position and stroke. Below you will find the Swim England Expected Standards for each of the four strokes: Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly in PDF.

Swim England Expected Standards