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Swim England running Fundraising, Sponsorship and Grant Funding webinar

The second of Swim England’s Financial Sustainability webinars takes place at 6pm on Monday 14 November.

Fundraising, Sponsorship and Grant Funding will be the focus of the webinar which looks to support clubs and provide guidance during these economically challenging times.

The sessions were set up following the launch of the Club Financial Toolkit back in July, aiming to support clubs to help them become strong and sustainable organisations.

The first webinar of the series took place on 24 October which focussed on how clubs pay tax and what types of tax are relevant to your club and why.

Swim England’s Independent Tax Advisor Richard Baldwin was the sessions keynote speaker and he spoke to Club Chairs and Treasurers about raising the awareness of tax within their club.

Richard encouraged attendees to review their cooperation and employment tax positions as well as considering any possible VAT savings within their organisations.

You can catch up and watch the tax webinar here.

Following the webinar, Swim England’s club and operator relationship manager Andy Jack spoke about the positive reaction to the hour long session.

“We had a great response to the first webinar, we covered a lot of topics within the session and it was nice to see that so many people were willing to give up their time to join the call and that we were able to answer their questions.

“We want to help clubs as much as we possibly can and hopefully the webinar helped our clubs consider what types of taxes are relevant to them.”

‘A useful way of gaining support’

The second webinar on fundraising, sponsorship and grant funding will be delivered on zoom and will last for 90 minutes from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Swim England’s Head of Fundraising Michael Mogan will be the guest speaker of the webinar which will also have presentations from easyfundraising and Sheffield Diving Club who have recently done a flurry of fundraising activities.

Andy believes the webinar is a great opportunity to help generate revenue from alternative sources.

“Fundraising is such a big area and the opportunities can overwhelm those who have never raised funds before.

“We have set up an exciting webinar which will allow clubs to explore and consider a number of different fundraising opportunities that are available to them.

“Sponsorship is also a useful way of gaining support from local organisations and businesses and we want to help clubs develop sponsorship opportunities that are beneficial to both the club and their sponsors.”

The sessions are specifically aimed at Club Chairs and Treasurers but anyone involved in the financial running of a club can attend.

Like with the tax webinar, attendees are encouraged to stay on at the end to ask any further questions to Michael and our speakers about the subject.

You can book your place on the Fundraising, Sponsorship and Grant Funding webinar here.

Following the session there are further webinars planned around different sections of the Club Financial Toolkit with a session on both managing club finances and workforce and finances planned to take place in due course.