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Swim England launches Awards Direct

A completely free process to offer your customers an easy way to receive Awards; personalised with your own branding and their name.

The set-up process is simple:

  1. Send us your logo, and we will then embed it into the full range of certificate artwork, for a completely professional co-branded look to our Swim England Awards.
  2. We will generate a complete list of unique Award hyperlinks for your specific business.
  3. You send your customer the specific URL to the Award that they have just achieved. (This can be automated with trigger emails if you use software systems* such as CoursePro, OnCourse or GoLearn.)
  4. Your customer places the order through the Swim England webshop and receives the personalised Award direct to their doorstep.

*Swim England can manage the initial set up of trigger emails on your nominated software system (at a fixed fee of £400 + vat).

What is Awards Direct

Benefits to your business:

  • Efficiency: eliminates the time and effort in ordering/designing/delivering Awards.
  • Co-branding: Award design incorporates your company logo for a more professional look.
  • Zero stock control: eliminates the need to manage any Awards inventory.
  • Commission earning.
  • No upfront cost.

Benefits to your customers:

  • Personalisation: Awards are customised with the swimmer’s name (in addition to your logo).
  • Excitement for the child: Award envelopes received in the post are addressed with the child’s name.
  • Option to purchase multiple quantities of the same Award: to give to family, display on the fridge, etc.
  • Greater understanding and ownership by the parent: parents can feel empowered and more involved in their child’s learn to swim journey. They can track their status through the Awards cabinet on the web shop interface or the My Learn to Swim app.

Email engagement@swimming.org to discuss if Awards Direct can help to move your business forward.