Volunteer training and development

There are a number of volunteer training opportunities available to help make sure your volunteers have the right skills to fulfil a role within the club environment.

Here are some of the volunteer training courses on offer in England. Simply click or tap on the title to expand the detail.

Swim England/NSPCC Time to Listen

Swim England has linked up with the NSPCC and is accredited to deliver the Time to Listen module, which is aimed at Club Welfare Officers.

The Time to Listen programme provides the opportunity to acquire key knowledge necessary for the role and responsibilities of a CWO, to adopt a child-focused approach to safeguarding and to learn about the action/s which should be taken should any incident occur.

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Team Manager Training

Team Manager training is designed to ensure that anyone taking groups of athletes to competition or camps, locally or abroad, is fully equipped to fulfil their role.

The training is ideal for those individuals who are already doing the role of a Team Manager, or those who are due to take on the role.

Team Manager training is delivered in two parts – Module 1 Local Competitions and Module 2 Overnight Stays and Travel Abroad.

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Aquatic Helper Workshop

This workshop has been designed for young people between 13 and 16 years of age, who wish to actively assist on poolside in any aquatic environment, e.g. clubs or learn to swim schemes.

The workshop consists of three hours of theory and three hours of practical work.

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Young Aquatic Leader Certificate

The Young Aquatic Leader Certificate (YALC) aims to develop young aquatic leaders and provide them with the knowledge to volunteer actively in an aquatic environment.

The volunteer training is aimed at 14-19 year olds and will support the development of the young leader’s knowledge across the aquatic disciplines.

The YALC is even suitable for young leaders with no prior knowledge of aquatics and will challenge them to work within a team, step outside of their boundaries and will develop communication, organisation, leadership and planning skills.

The YALC consists of a 5 ½ hour interactive theory session followed by a 2 hour practical.

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Positive Behaviour Workshop

Swim England's 90 minute Positive Behaviour Workshop is available to spectators, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers and club members with the overall aim of helping aquatics clubs to improve the experience for their young members.

The workshop aims to help identify positive and negative poolside behaviours, identify the nature and extent of negative behaviour especially in reference to young people, and to consider how incidents of negative behaviour can be avoided, reduced of managed.

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