Ethnic Codes

The ASA is committed to achieving excellence in its work with Equality and Diversity and as a consequence of this commitment we have been undertaking regular profile of our activities to assess the level of representation in our membership, staff, teachers and officials and committees in terms of gender, ethnicity and disability.

This information is gathered to support the ASA achieve the Advanced level of the National Equality Standards for sport and to ensure that the ASA is working to meet our vision for equality and diversity.  The categories have been set by the 2001 census and are used as such so that we can make comparisons with data gathered nationally, regionally and locally.

Please find a list of Ethnic Codes below

A ~ White - British
B ~ White - Irish
C ~ White - Other
D ~ Asian - Indian
E ~ Asian - Pakistani
F ~ Asian - Bangladeshi
G ~ Asian - Other
H ~ Chinese
I ~ Mixed - White and Black Caribbean
J ~ Mixed - White and Asian
K ~ Mixed - Other
L ~ Black - Caribbean
M ~ Black - African
N ~ Black - Other
O ~ Other Ethnic Group

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