Gaynor Willis

August 2011 – Gaynor Willis, Swimshop managing director and 1984 Olympic swimmer, says the hardest thing she’s had to do was speak at – and hear her sons speak at – the funeral following her husband Simon’s untimely death.

My hero is…

my sisters and I were brought up never to hero-worship anyone. I never had a hero in swimming. Yes, I thought some swimmers were brilliant and, yes, I respected many but, as I said, we were always brought up not to hero-worship so I never did. However, there are people whom I love and hugely respect.

…and my husband for always having the ability to see any glass more than half-full!
…and Eric Cantona for all the hours of pleasure he gave me and Man U fans alike
…and Sir Alex Ferguson for always standing by his principles and achieving the top, his way.

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