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How the ASA helps clubs

As well as the personal benefits for swimmers and trainers, the ASA does a lot to help swimming clubs which become affiliated with us. Here’s a quick look at how we can help your club:

A Trusted Name

Swimmers looking to join a club or start swimming lessons will prefer an ASA-affiliated club. This means a swimming club that abides by ASA regulations and has a constitution approved by the ASA, so potential members know they will be treated fairly and benefit from excellent swimming instruction. The ASA helps swimming clubs reach their full potential and keep swimming a regulated, fair sport, so anyone with a passion for competitive swimming will be interested in ASA affiliate clubs.

Coaching Excellence

Part of the ASA's promise is to help affiliated swimming clubs gain recognised coaching and teaching qualifications. Our swim21 badge for excellent swimming teachers and the AASE for aspiring professional swimmers and swimming coaches are just some of the excellent status symbols we award. We also provide business and teaching advice so you can make the most of out your club's swimming coaches.

Club Legal Matters

From data protection to child safeguarding, we give you all the advice and guidance you need to maintain a trusted, fully legal club. Swimming clubs will also benefit from our code of ethics, ensuring all swimming becomes part of a regulated, centralised body. Your swimming club will even receive generous insurance cover, including Civil Liability Cover, Employer's Liability, Personal Accident Insurance and Legal Expenses Insurance.

The Swimming Community

One of the best benefits for swimming clubs joining the ASA is that it makes them part of a nationwide swimming community. We provide you with all the latest swimming news, coaching news, developments in training, swimming resources such as the Swimming Times, and make it really easy for your club to arrange meets with other clubs for swimming competitions and events.

Resources for volunteers

Any swimming club is glad of an extra pair of hands, so the ASA tries to help aspiring swimming volunteers find out more and discover opportunities in their local area. From volunteering in aquatics to helping young athletes on the road to success, lending a hand at your local club is both fun and rewarding. A volunteer can give as much - or as little - of their time as they like, and positions are available for any ability or skill set, so it could be the perfect way into swimming careers or coaching.

Recruiting volunteers

As well as helping volunteers to find opportunities in their local area, the ASA provides advice to clubs looking to recruit them. The local press, colleges and universities, volunteering websites, and of course the ASA Youth Forum are all great places to find some help. However, as unpaid members of your workforce, it can be very difficult for volunteers to stay motivated, so it's crucial to go the extra mile and ensure your swimming volunteers are happy. You can find a Good Club Guide on our website for guidelines for the roles and responsibilities of swimming volunteers, and ways to prevent good volunteers from slipping through your fingers.

Continuing support

No matter whether you're a volunteer, swimming club manager, apprentice, swimming coach or swimmer, the ASA will provide continuing support at every stage. From web resources to helping coaches develop and qualify, we're committed to ensuring swimming professionals are performing to the best of their abilities.

Swimming careers

Swimming can be fun but it can only be fully appreciated if you are a strong swimmer, and this is achieved through training and advanced learning. We know this can be a long process so we want to help people along the way before they themselves go out to share the knowledge they have gained.

If you are keen to develop a career in helping others to swim, the ASA runs a series of seminars on continuing professional development. The course covers everything needed to further your skills from basic swimming techniques or improvement of anything from front crawl to butterfly, right up to advanced land training and health and safety.

A career in swimming cannot progress unless you earn an ASA licence and attend regular CPD seminars so it's worth looking into as soon as possible if you want to pursue this aquatic career path.

There is an option to provide qualified swimming and aquatic teachers with the knowledge, skills and ability to train and assess the RLSS UK Rookie lifeguard programme. For another really rewarding challenge, there is a CPD workshop which will equip you with the basic knowledge required to interact effectively and teach autistic children within a swimming lesson.

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