The ASA Brand Manual & Logo Request

If you’re thinking of using the ASA branding you will need to adhere to our guidelines and ask for permission.

The ASA brand manual is a useful document for our partners, members and clubs as it gives a comprehensive overview of the ASA brand strategy.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the ASA’s corporate identity and describes how the logo can and cannot be used. It also details the considerations the ASA needs to take internally including our stakeholder map showing who we work with and our brand model, showing how we engage with these stakeholders.

For a copy of the ASA Brand Manual please email our Marketing Team on

Use of the ASA logo

Those wishing to use the ASA logo must complete a logo request form. Organisations that can use our logo include:

  • Affiliated clubs
  • Swim School members
  • Partner Facility Operators

We ask that a logo request form is completed as this ensures the logo is only used by organisations who have a right to use it, that the correct format of logo is used and its use, in accordance with the brand guidelines, is checked and approved.

  • Click here to download the ASA logo request form
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