North Herts Leisure Centre

Tina Lander from North Herts Leisure Centre says not giving parents too much detailed information is key to implementing the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS). Learn more…

Tina is happy to discuss North Herts’ experience of implementing the NPTS via email: or by phone on 01462 679311. Before doing so, you may wish to read her following comments about the process.

How did you find out about the new NPTS?

Through regular meetings with the then Regional Business Manager (now County Swimming Co-ordinator).

Were you implementing the NPTS 1997 edition?


When did you start to implement the NPTS 2007 edition?

January 2008

How easy was it to purchase your NPTS pack?

Not easy. It arrived with elements missing.

Do you think it is good value for money?

Yes, once complete.

Did you attend any CPD training and if “yes” how did you find out about the courses and were they useful?

NPTS Overview                                                 Yes
NPTS FUNdamentals                                     Yes
NPTS mini-polo!                                               Yes
NPTS Flip n Fun                                                No
NPTS Aquafun                                                   No
NPTS Competitive Development                   No


The Overview was excellent but Fundamentals was poor considering it was being delivered to qualified staff but was teaching participants how to teach. Nothing gained. Mini-polo! was excellent.

Please detail the resources used to help you implement the new NPTS?

Regular meetings with the then Regional Business Manager (now county swimming co-ordinator) plus NPTS Aquatics Resource Pack.

What other resources would you like the ASA to develop as a priority?

Regional teacher meetings to share ideas.

How did you action plan for implementation and would you do anything differently?

We worked old scheme for 10 weeks, with new scheme shadowing behind. We did gradings on both schemes to identify impact on levels. Parents information evening was held plus letter explaining all the changes sent out in February prior to full implementation in April.

What were the main skills gaps areas with the swimmers when you transferred and how did you overcome these?

Sculling. Children held in levels until skills improved

Did you have any difficulties with any areas of the syllabus (please specify) and was your RBM able to help provide a solution?

No problems encountered.

Based on your experience is there anything you would have done differently?


Are there any best practice examples within your implementation that you could share with others?

Not to give parents too much information as they do not understand the principals of teaching swimming. We developed new literature within the site using the ASA Cylinder. Parents understood this more.


Do you feel you received sufficient help from the ASA? How can we improve the service the ASA give you?

More than sufficient. The then RBM (now county swimming co-ordinator) was very supportive

Please could you detail if you are currently using or considering using any of the other ASA awards eg- Swim a Song/ Distance Badges?

Still using distance awards but not the greater distances as the NTPS has more emphasis on skills rather than distance. Using Challenge Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours for the Advanced swimmers who have completed to Stage

What would be your key recommendations for a programme yet to implement the new NPTS?

Plan early. Get teachers committed first. Don’t rush.

Are there any other comments you would like to add at this stage?

We adopted the attitude that no child would be down grading with the implementation of the new scheme. This was respected and supported by Parents but has meant that some children have stayed in stages 3 and 4 longer than they may under the old scheme.

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