Swim England Research and Insight

High quality research and insight is key to everything we do. It provides us with a good understanding of the swimming market in England. It allows us to know who goes swimming and why they go.

Since 2015 the Swim England Insight Team has been finding out what motivates people to swim. Our regular Insight Reports cover a range of topics that help us to support our partners, and develop our campaigns.

The Three Frontier model

Central to our research and work is the Three Frontier model. This is our framework for getting more people swimming. The frontiers are:

  1. Improving the environment
  2. Tailoring the offer
  3. Increasing the visibility and relevance

Each Frontier represents an opportunity to grow swimming. It’s critical to address all three to bring in new audiences and retain existing audiences.

Swim England Tracker

Every quarter we release the latest research and insight from our Tracker. This tells us how many people have engaged with swimming over the previous three months. It helps us to create a full picture of swimming in England.

Key research and insight documents

The Research and Insight team has published a range of documents relating to Clubs and Members, young people learning to swim, and facility management.

There are also a range of best practice documents to support people involved in teaching swimming or managing pools or clubs.

Any questions? Email the Insight Team via insight@swimming.org