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How to complete a DBS check during coronavirus lockdown

DBS checks can still be carried out during the coronavirus lockdown – but new guidelines have been introduced to ensure social distancing measures are not broken during the process.

Clubs should continue to put DBS applications through as normal, using the Online Disclosures website.

However, documents that need verifying must not be done in person at the present time.

Instead, photos or scans of the original documents can be used – but these must be accompanied by a photograph of the named person holding those documents.

Identification documents can also be viewed via video link.

A Swim England spokesperson said: “Swim England will continue to process certificates in the normal manner but clubs should note that the timescale for this may be increased.

“This is due to police forces not currently prioritising DBS checks.

Application issues

“Letters confirming that the DBS certificate has been received and is clear will be sent out as soon as is practically possible in the current circumstances.

“If there are any issues with an application, these will be addressed by the Safeguarding Team once the Government restrictions have been lifted.

“Clubs often ask us whether they should prioritise coaches over other volunteers who also require a DBS check.

“The key aspect to consider is whether the individual, irrespective of their role, is engaging with children on behalf of the club.

“If they are, they should be DBS checked by the club and confirmation received from Swim England that they have clearance before the activity commences.”

Clubs and individuals are also reminded to check when certificates of key officials are due to expire.