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The importance of motivating your learners through to Learn to Swim Stage 7

The Swim England Learn to Swim Framework is about developing confident and competent learners through fun and enjoyment, and Learn to Swim Stages 4-7 form the second part of this core programme.

Each of the Learn to Swim Stages 4-7 generally take longer to achieve for children compared with Learn to Swim Stages 1-3.

A great way to continue to motivate and support learners through these Stages is to utilise the complementary Awards, as this allows learners to receive continued recognition of their achievements within each stage. The complementary Awards are listed alongside the descriptions of each stage below.

Why should you deliver the Learn to Swim Stages 4-7 Awards as part of our lessons programme?

Throughout the Learn to Swim Stages 4-7 learners will develop more complex skills which build on the core skills they have learnt in Stages 1-3. As they complete these Stages learners become more confident and competent in the water and have a better knowledge of water safety.

From this comes a love for swimming and more enjoyment from being in the water. It also helps develop the skills required to lead a healthy and active lifestyle from regular swimming throughout their adult life.

Once they complete Stage 7 they can then progress to the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework (Learn to Swim Stages 8,9 and 10).

Why should you deliver the complementary Awards alongside our Learn to Swim Stages 4-7 Awards as part of your lessons programme?

The complementary Awards are a great way to keep children motivated and engaged in your swimming lessons. Just like we all do, regular reward and recognition gives children a sense of celebration and achievement which keeps them coming back to lessons each week.

There are various complementary Awards available throughout Learn to Swim Stages 4-7 (please refer to descriptions above). These Awards can be given at any point during the Learn to Swim Programme once the child has achieved the required outcomes.

Here’s why Corinne Hurton from Abbeycroft Leisure – The Swim Academy delivers the Stages 4-7 Awards…

“As we are all aware swimming is a life skill and to award a swimmer with a certificate and a badge is a wonderful way to reward them for the effort, perseverance, listening skills…and is a permanent reminder of what they have achieved.

“I would recommend that all pupils continue in their swimming journey up to Learn to Swim Stage 7, as this then opens up a whole new experience to take them on a new water-based journey of discovery.”

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