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Swim England Progress Packs

The Swim England Progress Packs contain sticker books and stickers that teachers can give to their learners as an additional tool to keep them engaged as they achieve the core and complementary Learn to Swim Awards.

We offer two types of Progress Packs:

Our Pre-School Progress Pack includes 70 x Lucy and Sammy Learn to Swim storybooks and 70 x stickers for each of the Pre-school Awards, including Discovery Ducklings, Ducklings and I CAN Awards.

This book is a colourful and visual guide that helps children prepare for lessons and works through the Pre-School Framework, explaining the steps for parents.

Children can add the stickers to the spaces in the book when they complete one of the Pre-School Awards.

Our Learn to Swim Progress Pack includes 70 x sticker books that track learners’ progress through the Learn to Swim Programme and enables them to share their achievements with friends and family.

It has space for more than 40 core and complementary Award stickers, clearly mapping out the Awards journey through the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme from Stage 1 of the  Learn to Swim Framework, all the way to Stage 10 of the Aquatic Skills Framework.

With a compact fold-out design, this sticker book is perfect for parents to put on the fridge or store safely in the household.

Why should you deliver the Progress Packs as part of your lessons programme?

We sometimes hear from parents that their child hasn’t received a Learn to Swim Award for more than six months and they’re losing interest in swimming.

The Progress Packs help to address this issue – collecting stickers to complete a sticker book is a great motivator for young learners and also allows parents to keep track of their child’s learning.

As children achieve one of the complementary Awards, such as the Rainbow Distance Stroke Awards, I CAN Awards or Water Safety Awards, they will receive a sticker for their Progress Pack in addition to their certificate and badge!

The Progress Packs also complement the My Learn to Swim app where children can unlock additional digital rewards for achieving core and complementary Learn to Swim Awards.

Here’s why Wednesbury Leisure Centre uses the Learn to Swim Framework Progress Packs…

“We use the packs as a visual aid that are both informative and tactile, enabling both parent and child to track their progress throughout their Learn to Swim journey.”

“We have recently started using the packs and I have found that the children respond positively and I would actively encourage any other centre running the Learn to Swim Programme to use them.”

Interested in implementing the Progress Packs into your lesson programme? Find out more below.

📧 Email learntoswim@swimming.org to enquire about how to integrate these Progress Packs into your swimming lesson programme.

🛒 Visit the Swim England webshop to view the Progress Packs

❓ Want to shout about any Awards or Learn to Swim resources that form part of your swimming lesson programme? Email us at learntoswim@swimming.org to feature in our Awards video series!