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Swim England working closely with UKAD to implement 'Clean Sport' plan

Swim England has been developing its capabilities to ensure it continues to educate the aquatics community on the importance of anti-doping and clean sport.

A multi-faceted ‘Clean Sport Education’ implementation plan has been developed which will see an increased presence of anti-doping on the Swim England website, social media channels, events and general communications.

As an organisation, Swim England has joined the ‘Clean Sport’ app, which has also been promoted to all athletes and members.

In addition to this, new members and newlyaffiliated clubs are asked to sign and agree to the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) policies and codes of conduct.

While working closely with UKAD, these plans have been enhanced ahead of 2022 and will aim to further support the aquatics community in the fight to protect clean sport.

‘Athlete education is essential’

“One of the most important elements within the fight for clean sport is athlete education”, says Diane Elliot, Swim England sport science and medicine manager.

“This is simply essential. As the national governing body for aquatic sports, we are endeavouring to deliver anti-doping education to athletes on every level of the performance pathway.

“This is one of the key ways of ensuring our sports remain clean and that the athlete population in swimming, diving, artistic swimming and water polo is well versed on this subject.”

Athletes who are currently undertaking a Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) have received 100% Me workshops as well as regular Clean Sport training.

Similarly, members of the talent squads also receive this type of training and education regularly alongside their other key activities such as strength and conditioning, nutrition and psychology.

As part of the preparations for next year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, athletes and support personnel heading to the event will be taking part in the Major Games education programme. 

Compliance & Testing

Swim England works in partnership with British Swimming to ensure that all doping testing, investigations and intelligence is closely monitored. For more information please click here.

All of Swim England’s members agree to abide by the UK Anti-doping rules adopted by British Swimming and Swim England, which can be found in the handbook here.

In 2021, a new Quality Assurance Framework was introduced by UKAD which outlines the mandatory requirements NGBs must meet in order to remain compliant with their policies.

Further information will be released by Swim England in the new year.