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Swimming sector helps parents rediscover family fun in the pool

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Swim England and 11 partners are encouraging parents to make the most of the fleeting nature of childhood and reconnect families through swimming in the second wave of the #LoveSwimming campaign.

Time flies, especially when it comes to a growing family. Making the most of those precious moments together can become more difficult as youngsters grow older – but there is one activity that all the family can enjoy at any age.

Swimming as a family is a journey that usually begins with lessons and learning a valuable lifesaving skill, but ends with hours of fun in the pool and spending time together.

Creating memories together

The campaign centres around mum Claire and her children Taio (age 10) and Hudson (age 4) going swimming. The impactful film illustrates the importance of spending time as a family and creating memories before children fly the coop.

The mum from Leicester said: “With a six-year age gap between my boys, it has become more and more apparent how quickly Taio is growing up and juggling different activities can be a challenge. But swimming is one of the very few activities we can all do together.

“We go swimming as a family at least once a week – the boys love it, I struggle to get them out of the pool! And it’s a great opportunity to catch up with my friend who has kids the same age as mine.

“I really cherish watching my boys playing together, and being able to be a part of that time, without any distractions like TV or computer games. We get a sense of togetherness through swimming and we’re creating memories we’ll always have.”

Connecting generations

Jane Nickerson, CEO of Swim England and Chair of the sector-leading Swim Group, said: “Swimming is one of the few activities that families can do together across generations and throughout their lives.

“So often, this family time in a pool is restricted to summer holidays. With the launch of the second wave of activity in our #LoveSwimming campaign we are tapping into deep emotional territory – sentiments that really resonate with parents.

“Time with your children, when they want to spend time with you rather than anyone else, is fleeting. We want to encourage parents to make the most of those precious years being connected and having fun together through the joy and elation felt in a pool.

“We are reminding parents: don’t miss out on those magical years. Take them swimming, make the most of the passing moments and not only give them a life skill and get them active, but create memories that last a lifetime.”

Swim England and the #LoveSwimming partners are calling on families around the country to dedicate a precious hour every week to getting down to their local pool and enjoying time together as a family.