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Teaching and Education Awards and Conference Workshops

We have a huge range of interactive workshops taking place during the day.

Tap on the headings below for details, then choose which you would like to attend in the optional morning and afternoon sessions on your booking form:

Developing Discipline Skills within the Learn to Swim Framework11:15am
Innovative use of pool equipment11:15am
Developing teacher and educator wellbeing1:15pm
An interactive session exploring the Swim England values11:15am
The Do’s and Don’ts of Positive Behaviour Management12:15am
Growing your swim school using the Swim England brand and social media11:15am
Including water safety in your lessons11:15am
From competence to proficiency: Strategies in developing effective teacher practice1:15pm
Why do mentors matter?11:15pm

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About the Workshops

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Developing Discipline Skills within the Learn to Swim Framework


Delivered by Adam Goymer, Swim England, Tutor Development Manager
This workshop is a condensed version of the ‘Developing Discipline Skills within the Learn to Swim Framework CPD course.

Released at the start of 2019, this workshop is designed to help you improve your awareness of the aquatic disciplines of Diving, Synchro, Water Polo and Open Water.

We will give you guidance on the aquatic discipline activities you can include in the early Stages of the Framework which will, in turn, create more diverse and engaging lessons.

Please note: this condensed workshop will not include any CPD points.

Innovative use of pool equipment


Delivered by the Swim England Learn to Swim team with the RLSS

In this pool-based workshop you’ll observe and discover innovative new ways to use equipment and dress your pool space to better engage your swimmers and enhance their learning experience.

Swim England and the RLSS will be showcasing a variety of equipment, providing demonstrations of best practice and fun and exciting ways you can incorporate this into your lessons.

Developing teacher and educator wellbeing


Delivered by Adrian Bethune, founder of Teachappy; @AdrianBethune

Following the popularity and success of his keynote speech in 2018, Adrian Bethune Founder of Teachappy, a primary school teacher and author, will return to deliver a fantastic workshop centred on the importance of your own wellbeing.

Evidence shows that happier teachers teach better, leading to happier and more productive learners. This workshop will encourage you to take part in some simple mindfulness practices which will help you rewire any negative biases you may have, as well as developing your ability to laugh more often; reducing your tensions and stresses along the way.

An interactive session exploring the Swim England values


Delivered by Kurt Lindley, Founder of Be More Learning and Development; @CoachDeveloper

It’s our long-term mission to create a happier, healthier and more successful nation through swimming – and to help support us in this, we aim to live our four values – Quality, Purpose, Togetherness and Fun.

In this interactive session, you’ll explore what these values mean to you, how you can live through them in your own work – and share examples of these in practice.

The latter part of the workshop will embrace a relatively new concept in active education, known as ‘Geo-Learning’! During this time we’ll build on your personal stories and explore strategies to strengthen your bond to the values to help you in your lesson delivery day-to-day.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Positive Behaviour Management


Delivered by Sue Cowley, Author, Teacher Trainer and Director of Sue Cowley Books; @Sue_Cowley

In this fun, fast-paced workshop, renowned education specialist and author, Sue Cowley, will be sharing some of the most common mistakes that educators can often make when managing learner behaviour. She’ll be examining the key strategies and techniques that lead to better behaviour, explaining the importance of clear communication, high expectations and consistency in creating a safe and respectful climate for learning.

Sue will also give you practical tools to encourage your learners to regulate their own behaviour, with a focus on the role of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Growing your swim school using the Swim England brand and social media


Delivered by Karen Williams, Swim England Head of Brand and Lee Jones, Swimming Qualifications, Customer Relationship Officer

In this workshop we’ll be giving you some clear guidance about the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ when referencing Swim England in connection with your business – so this is a highly useful session for swim schools, operators and other providers of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

We’ll show you best practice and most effective use of the Swim England brand and ‘affiliated’ logos. We’ll also give you an overview of all our social media platforms (Facebook pages and groups, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter) and how you can make the best use of them via your own channels.

The session will include a Q&A with a chance for you to ask questions about how brand marketing and social media marketing can help you grow your business.

Including water safety in your lessons


Delivered by Ashley Jones – Swim Safe Programme Manager (RNLI/Swim England) with the RLSS

This workshop will enhance your awareness of the water safety skills by advising and encouraging you about how to link the skills within your teaching of the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1-7. It will provide you with suggested activities and ideas that you can implement to create more diverse and engaging lessons.

We’ll also help you to recognise learners who demonstrate a natural ability – and how you can sign post them to exit routes, such as the RLSS Rookie Lifeguard awards and further Swim Safe opportunities.

From competence to proficiency: Strategies in developing effective teacher practice


Delivered by Ray Lau, Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming, author, swimming teacher and tutor and senior school principal; @rlauma1

This workshop will explore what makes a more effective swimming teacher. This is based from taking the findings from research conducted in the UK, on Advanced swimming teacher training and from the school education and leadership system.

We will explore who you are as a teacher, review how children learn best in the classroom and apply some of these principles into the pool, and reflect on your own practice.

This will be delivered through experiencing practical strategies and activities that can make a difference to your peers and yourself. Areas being covered in this workshop include:

  • Teacher identity, their values and beliefs, using Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Methods of communication
  • Learning about learning (metacognition) practical activities
  • Reflective practice (strategies to use)

Why do mentors matter?


Delivered by Sarah Green, Head of Educator Training and Ian Wood, Swim England, Educator Training Manager

Aimed at all those in a workforce education role, this workshop explores how and why mentors play an important role in supporting the development and motivation of their mentees, staff and peers alike.

Come along to this workshop to find out why effective mentor/mentee relationships should be an integral part of any swimming lesson programme philosophy. A well-structured mentoring programme, can be linked to improvements in programme delivery, as well as helping to embed a culture of continual development and improvement within a centre.

It can also help you in succession planning, enhance your recruitment strategy and help to reduce staff turn-over. A win-win situation!