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Tips for recognising and rewarding volunteers

Recognising and rewarding volunteers means they are more likely to continue to support your club.

Volunteering in Aquatics

Find out more about the role of a Club Volunteer Coordinator on our Volunteering in Aquatics hub.

It helps foster a positive experience and contributes to volunteers being happy and confident with what they are doing.

So, here are a few tips to help in rewarding volunteers at your club

Informal rewards

  1. Take the time to say thank you! It goes a long way.
  2. Make sure volunteers have enough tasks to keep them engaged and motivated
  3. Where possible try to ensure volunteers are given roles relevant to their skills, interests and level of experience
  4. Include volunteers in social events – going out for lunch etc., so that they can enjoy the social aspect of volunteering
  5. Ask volunteers for opinions on informal matters, such as where a new notice board should go etc.
  6. Complete a ‘debrief’ at the end of an event or training session so that volunteers feel part of a team

Rewarding volunteers formally

  1. Provide each volunteer with a clear role description for the role they will be doing. It needs to cover what is expected, who to go to for help, and any other relevant information.
  2. Ensure new volunteers have an induction at the club. Learn their expectations and allow for questions to be asked.
  3. Assign mentors or ‘buddies’ to new volunteers so they have a designated ‘go-to’ person for help. We encourage clubs to appoint a Volunteer Coordinator.
  4. Make volunteers aware of available training and qualifications which would be suitable for them.
  5. Run volunteer events such as a ‘thank you event’. This could be anything from an awards evening, a meal out, or a game of rounders
  6. Include volunteers in decisions that affect them at the club. Invite them to meetings or working groups or request feedback on future plans.