Identifying and teaching disabled swimmers

The Disability Swimming ID Toolkit is a resource to help swimming teachers, coaches, schools and parents with identifying and teaching disabled swimmers.

The toolkit has been developed by disability swimming officers from the home nations and is supported by British Disability Swimming. Who knows? You could be teaching a Paralympic swimming champion of the future.

About the toolkit

The aim of the toolkit is to help identify talented disabled swimmers at all levels and give them the chance to progress.

The toolkit includes assessment activities and times and provides standards for swimmers with varying levels of experiences and disability.

All assessment material has been separated into groups representing swimmers with severe, moderate and mild disabilities, with target times reflecting likewise.

The toolkit also provides important information on ‘what happens next’. There is information about conditions for classification and the classification groups within disability swimming.

There is also contact information for relevant organisations and the complete national competitive pathway available. You can find out more about competitive para-swimming on the Swim England Competitive Hub.

Accessing the toolkit

The toolkit is available both as a PDF and as a hard copy with a ring binder and waterproof pages.

To access either please fill in the form below. To access the PDF you only need to fill in the first four fields.

The toolkit is currently being refreshed to ensure the most up-to-date and relevant information is included. Please email for more information.