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Swim Group - bringing the swimming sector together

About Swim England

The Swim Group was set up in 2015 by Sport England. It consists of representatives from across the swimming sector.

Chaired by Swim England CEO Jane Nickerson, the Swim Group meets quarterly to discuss the big issues impacting on swimming, water safety and participation.

The key aim of the Swim Group is to bring the sector together and work on key areas. Current projects include:

Each year, the Swim Group also hosts an annual conference dedicated to the provision of swimming. Read more below:

The Swim Group is involved with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Swimming.

The Swim Group

To discuss the issues affecting swimming, and work together to promote partnerships and best practice throughout the sector.


  • To increase participation in swimming and aquatic sports.
  • To bring together key leaders within the sector to challenge issues and improve our sport.
  • To create a unified sector voice to raise the profile of swimming and influence government and other agencies.
  • To share best practice and ensure the sector is working in partnership for the betterment of swimming.
  • To focus on agreed key areas and create sub-groups with specific tasks where required.
  • To increase the visibility of swimming and water safety through shared initiatives and interventions.
  • To ensure our sport is fit for the future by embracing new opportunities and technology
  • To work collaboratively to increase the opportunities for participation in quality swimming programmes.
  • To establish communication channels with the home nations’ national governing bodies for swimming to ensure greater cooperation.

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