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Supporting Resources

We have produced a range of supporting resources for the aquatics community.

The resources below support the core advice in our Step 4 considerations and will be updated where necessary to reflect the government’s changes to the restrictions from 19 July.

To see all the pool layout examples from our previous Covid guidance documents, click here. Whilst the requirement to socially distance has been removed, you may decide you wish to continue using these examples.


Click or tap below to download general resources for clubs.

Advice for Returning to Exercise after Covid-19docx
Health Surveydocx
Members Surveydocx
Thought starters for setting up training sessionsdocx
Training Venue Assessmentdocx
Covid-19 and Risk Awareness Declarationdocx
Land Training Guidancepdf
Covid-19 Financial Support Guide for Clubspdf
Return to Competition Health Declaration Formdocx
Artistic Swimming Grade Daysdocx

Click or tap below to download risk assessments for clubs.

Risk Assessment template for clubsdocx
Artistic Swimming – Risk Assessmentdocx
Diving – Risk Assessmentdocx
Swimming – Risk Assessmentdocx
Water Polo – Risk Assessmentdocx

Swimming Lessons

Click or tap below to download lesson plans.

Advanced Swimmers Temporary Lesson Structurepdf
Beginners Temporary Lesson Structurepdf
Improving Swimmers Temporary Lesson Structurepdf
Younger Children Temporary Lesson Structurepdf

Click or tap below to download visual resources.

Emoji Card examplepdf
Innovative use of Pool Equipment ideaspdf
Number 1-10pdf
Numbers – 10pdf
Sea Animalspdf
Swimming Sign Cards – From NDCSpdf

Community Activity

Facility Tour Video Guidedocx
Pool programming – Surveying your communitydocx

Training Providers and Educators

Education Guiding Principlespdf

Facility Posters

A4 posterpdf